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Professional AC and Heat Repair in Chesapeake, Virginia


Andy’s Auto Electric is your go-to heating and cooling specialist. We can address any heating or cooling issue you might be experiencing. Andy’s Auto Electric’s technicians are all heating and cooling certified.

Here are some examples of Heating-A/C problems we see frequently:

  • 1. Refrigerant leaks
  • 2. Hot/Cold air not coming out of certain vents
  • 3. Defroster not working-*required to work for Virginia State Inspection
  • 4. A/C or Heat work intermittently
  • 5. Low air flow coming out of vents
  • 6. No heat or cooling at all- A/C blowing warm/hot, Heat blowing cold
  • 7. Clicking noise coming from dash
  • 8. Issues with heat-a/c controls failing
  • 9. And much more…

Car Button Air Condition cooling InteriorIt is good practice to have your engine cooling system checked regularly as the cooling system can affect heating and cooling efficiency. Radiator and cap, heating/cooling hoses, clamps, belts, water pump and coolant mix/level are all items related to the cooling system.

Andy’s Auto Electric takes you and your family comfort needs very seriously. Whether you are going on a trip or just need your refrigerant level checked, Andy’s Auto Electric will check your freon level for free by coming in and giving the office staff at the front desk when you arrive the PROMO CODE: BRRR.


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