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Engine Maintenance

Maintenance on your engine is critical to get the most out of your vehicle. Engines are not built to last forever. To get the most from your vehicle, maintain it. Do you know what the most important part is on your engine? Your oil filter. It filters the “life blood” of your engine from contamination- your oil. Why would you have someone changing your oil using the cheapest oil and oil filter out there? Andy’s Auto Electric always uses a good quality oil and oil filter that is recommended for your vehicle.

Transmission Maintenance

Transmissions are a little trickier to know what to do to maintain. Most transmissions require a transmission service which entails a transmission filter and ATF fill. A transmission service should be done at the maintenance schedule recommended from the vehicle manufacturer. Some transmissions do not have an accessible filter and require only a drain and fill of ATF fluid. Then there are the transmissions that are a forever-fill and do not require a service or fluid-unless they are leaking. If you are unsure of which transmission you have and require service, Andy’s Auto Electric can help you that information. Andy’s Auto Electric always uses the manufacturers recommended filters and fluids.

Clutch, Differential, Transfer case, Drive train

Andy’s Auto Electric can take care of service or installation for clutches, differential, transfer case, and drive train components.

We are noticing people are putting more miles on their vehicle rather than replacing it. Maintenance is a key. If your engine or transmission goes out, you have options. We can replace the engine or transmission with a new or reman, or we can replace with a used engine/transmission. Regardless, we can easily accommodate your automotive budget. Andy’s Auto Electric can give you a good estimate with quality workmanship with recommendations of your best option to choose.

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Our Client Testimonials

“Thumbs up to Andy and his crew. They custom bent brake lines for my 56’ Chevy. Not only did they do an awesome job, but they had the car in and out within a day.” — Mike D.


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